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1 base, 11 layers, 4 traits for each layer, and several color options, dama! It took our heroes months to express all the beauty Vheen has to offer!

Vheen believes this collection is truly a masterpiece, dama…

OG = FREE MINT; WL = 0.02E; AL = 0.025E; Public = 0.03E

Definitely! OG’s FREE MINT = 1 per wallet, WL 5 per wallet, AL 5 per wallet, Public 10 per wallet.

Q2 2023

Our heroes are building a platform where you can create, connect and explore, safely! Vheen says no scams, no rugs, and no fakers!

As Vheen said, our heroes need a lot of time and resources to build a safe haven for everyone. And Vheen wants to make it a fun journey, dama! That’s why Vheen went for the beautiful NFT collection! It’s more fun than coins, dama!

A: It’s so insulting to ask this question, dama! Only foolish people will waste such a big potential HVN project has, dama! This is the creation of Vheen’s lifetime! Don’t ever ask this question again, or Vheen will have to use Vheen’s sword, dama!

First, your piece will become an invaluable identity in the upcoming platform! Second, Vheen will airdrop some extra % of coins, so you can go shopping around, dama! Third… Oh, Vheen lost his notes, dama… Anyways, make no mistake, our heroes will surprise you!


@ 2023 HVN project